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This Question Is Answered:

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Baccalaureate is a level of education. It refers to a term related to a bachelorís degree and is considered as an

undergraduate degree that is given after the successful completion of an academic course that usually lasts for three or four

years. It is awarded by the University. This degree is also known as Artium Baccalaureus in Latin and is expressed by shortened

terms like A.B or B.A.

The baccalaureate is different in different countries and in some places it is given only after completing a course that lasts for

five or six years. At times a farewell sermon given is also known as a baccalaureate. This sermon is given to a graduating class

at their commencement ceremony. This sermon is usually given in the United States
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Morocco takes steps to energise baccalaureate diploma

Rolling Eyes Some 294,115 candidates across Morocco took the Baccalaureate exams from June 7th to 9th. Also this year, the Ministry for National Education enacted new measures to improve the conditions under which the exams are held. Rolling Eyes

Moroccoís Ministry for National Education has been taking steps to restore the credibility of the Baccalaureate (Bac). After introducing two-year exams in 2003, additional reforms were undertaken in the 2006-2007 school year to improve exam conditions.

According to Abdesselam Zeroual, schools inspector and Head of Private Education at the Ministry of National Education, the reforms aim to restore the Bac to its former place in the education system. "Our objective is for the Bac to be a key that opens doors to useful further study. We have taken measures to combat cheating, notably by blocking and forbidding mobile phones," he explained. The number of exams students take has also been reduced, from as many as seven in a single year to just three or four. For certain subjects, performance will be measured entirely through ongoing assessment or coursework.

Of the 294,115 candidates this year, 44.8% are girls: an increase over the previous exam period, according to education officials.

For the first time, a score of zero will not automatically eliminate the student. The evaluator must first justify his or her decision in a written report. Specialised regional committees have been established by the heads of the regional Education and Training Academies to examine zero-grade cases and to subsequently approve or reject the graderís decision.

Bac candidates are delighted with the introduction of this measure, which will alleviate some exam pressures. Candidate Fatima Ezzahra Ezzarki is one of many independent candidates who have signed up for the Bac, without going through the national education system. She told Magharebia that "a good number of students will be saved by this move. In the past, the grading teacher could give someone a zero even if the student didnít really deserve it. And that decision, possibly mistaken, had an irreversible impact on the outcome of a yearís hard work."

Most of her friends share her point of view. Rajae Dabaoui, another student, indicated that the elimination mark is the Bac candidateís worst nightmare. "The decision to link the elimination mark to an explanatory report should have been taken years ago", she says.

Teachers hope the new measures taken by the Ministry of National Education will improve the Bac's image. For teacher Boujmaa Lkhoti, the new assessment system shows promise. "It will let us evaluate the real level of the student and to avoid fraud," he said.

Students always complain about the low passing rate in Bac exams. Last year, only 48% of school students and 21% of independently-educated youths achieved satisfactory results on the exams. According to the education ministry, passing the Bac should be the fruit of many years of education, and failure indicates deficiencies among both students and schools.

Two-year exams were introduced in 2003 to improve the diploma's value on the job market. First-year students take a regional exam in primary subjects. The final exam, in the second year, is organised nationally and accounts for 50% of the overall result. The system aims to reward students for consistent hard work. In past cases, the student has gone on to the second year without having scored an average of 10 out of 20 points on the regional exam. Under the new programme, the student and his or her family will be consulted to decide whether they should carry on or repeat the year. The class committee will provide the final decision.

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