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Post  Teacher_Hanane on Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:40 pm

A) Form questions in the Simple Past.

Example: when / he / to visit / his uncle

When did he visit his uncle?

1) why / Julia / to ask / questions

2) to be / the boys / in the sun

3) where / your father / to repair / the kite

4) when / you / to watch / the film

5) the cat / to run after / the dog

B) Use the verbs in the Simple Past.

1) we arrive - we........................

2) she visits - she.......................

3) they work - they....................

4) you live - you.......................

5) I carry - I..........................

C) Which answers are correct?

1) Which of the following words are used with the Simple Past (signal words)?
at the moment
in 2002
two weeks ago

2) Which verb forms are correct?




3) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Past?

a-He didn't learn for school.
b-I fell from the tree.
c-I've found a pen.
d-She was in Hamburg.
e-We were watching a film.

4) Which verb forms are in the Simple Past?



E) Which sentences/questions are correct?

1) Which sentence is in the Simple Past?
She has read a book.
She read a book.
She reads a book.

2) Which question is in the Simple Past?

When did Anne find the keys?
When found Anne the keys?

3) Which question is in the Simple Past?

Did you saw her?
Did you see her?
Have you seen her?

4) Which negative sentence is in the Simple Past?

We did not speak Russian.
We not spoke Russian.
We spoke not Russian.

5) In which sentence is the Simple Past used correctly?

The hotel room was very nice.
The hotel room were very nice.

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