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Post  khadijaouaziz on Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:10 am

*Simple present - S +V (infinitive)

*Simple past - S +V (past tense)

*Present continuous - S +am/are/is +V + ing.

*Past continuous - S + was/were +V + ing.

*Present perfect - S +have/has +V (past participle).

*Past perfect - S +had +V (past participle).

*Simple future - S +will +V (infinitive).

*Future perfect - S +will have +V (past participle).

Simple Past Perfect

After (past perfect), (simple past).

Before (simple past), (past perfect).


Wishes in the present - S +wish +S +V (past tense).

Wishes in the past - S +wish +S +had +V (past participle).

Wishes in the future - S +wish +S + would have +V (past participle).

Conditional Type "3"

If +S +had +V (past participle), S +would have +V (past participle).

Reported Speech

*Simple present:

"I play football"

He said that he played football.

*Simple past:

"I played football"

He said that he had played football.

*Present continuous:

"I'm playing football"

He said that he was playing football.

*Present perfect:

"I have played football".

He said that he had played football.

*Simple future:

"I will play football".

He said that he would play football.

Passive Voice

*Simple present:

S +V (infinitive) +Compl. Compl + is/are + V (past participle).

Eg: My father buys a car a is bought by my father.

*Simple past - S +V (past tense) + Compl. Compl + was/were +V(past participle).

Eg: My Father bought a car a car was bought by my father.

*Present continuous - S +am/are/is +V + ing +Compl. Compl + is/are +being + V(past participle).

Eg: Peter is playing football. Football is being played by Peter.

*Past continuous - S + was/were +V + ing +compl. Compl + was/were +being + V (past participle).


*Present perfect - S +have/has +V (past participle) + compl. Compl + have/has + been + V (past participle).


*Simple future - S +will +V (infinitive) +Compl. Compl + will be + V (past participle) .


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Post  Teacher_Abdelkrim on Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:43 pm

Thanks Khadija for your fruitful contributions to the forum .. Carry on

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