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Post  soukaina-oubella on Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:12 am

another face of the moon

You have been dreaming

That someday you would walk

And the boughs of the trees would bow to you

Heavy with the ripe fruits

That the light from paradise

Would spread over your path

And the fragrance of the fresh flowers

Would roam around you

And on both sides of the road

The daffodils would merrily dance

Heavy rain falls

Now you walk through the melancholy of the road

Only the sadness surrounds you as you pass

The heavy silence perches over the vales

The images wane

And no place to escape to

No point in weeping

Over times gone by

And if the look in your eyes reflects the humiliation of defeat

How can you raise your two fingers in a sign of victory

And if you have lost your way

In the heart of darkness

How can you pick some pieces of the moon

To your children on your way back home?

Oh, you forlorn traveler

You have missed your way

Under the clouds that are hurrying

Hurrying for their definite destination

You have lost your way

Under the sun

Which keeps traveling

Unaware of our eternal pain.

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Post  Teacher_Hanane on Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:31 pm


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