poem about school....

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poem about school.... Empty poem about school....

Post  soukaina-oubella on Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:31 am

Laughing school just school

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great
high school is even better
college, PARITES

school you mite find your true love
new experiences everyday
school, dances
school just school
school who dose not love it
school is fun

school, preps
school, classes
school, math, science, computer classes
school is great love it
school just school
we need school

by :kerri king

Very Happy That's my school


Up at my school
everyone is different
yet we are treated
like an equal

everyone is always smiling
or laughing so hard
they start to cry
that's my school

a lot of people
go through my school
home of the blue jays
to cool for school

standing tall upon the hill
behind all the trees
stands the blue jay's school
yup, that's my school

each person is unique
form the clothes
to the hair
to their personality

each person is free
to express themselves
and be who they want
that's my school

WHS blue jay pride
that's something
that can never be beat
and something that we can't hide

friends come and go
but one thing will live on
the pride we had for our team
just like my school did

no matter where I go
or how far I leave town
I'll always be proud to say
WHS in WashMo is my school.

by :Shauna Stoltz

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poem about school.... Empty Re: poem about school....

Post  Teacher_Hanane on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:12 pm

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